10 Unique and Stylish DIYs for Bedroom Storage

10. Large Drawers

10. Large Drawers

10 Unique and Stylish DIYs for Bedroom Storage

I pride myself in quite several things, but, my greatest joy and pride is the fact that I can keep things clean and tidy without much effort. I can do this because I use storage ideas that are simple but stylish and effective. Lucky for you, today, you get to see some excellent ways to store your belongings in one of the most important rooms, the bedroom. These ideas will help you store up your belongings without using up too much space because the storage places are part of the bed.  With the DIYs you will see here, you will be able to keep your bedroom’s clutter-free and be able to do this fantastically!

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Shelves on Frame

The image is the simplest way you can add a storage area to your bed. You can add some shelves onto the base of the bed and the headboard just as well. You can use these shelves to place things such as your collection of books that you usually read before bed, picture frames, or some other decorative ornaments.

Drawers on Base

The significant part about using these drawers is that you can hide your storage area by pushing the drawers in so to fit in with the base of the bed. With this DIY, you can use the storage for your belongings that you do not want to be easily accessed. This secretive storage area can be even more effective if the drawers do not have knobs.

Loft Bed

DIY is incredible to use for a small bedroom. This way, the bed, and the storage area do not take up a lot of space in the room. The idea for the loft bed is that you can have a bunk bed of sort, only, the lower bunk is absent, and instead, you can put in some storage places such as drawers and shelves on the bottom. You can also place some furniture at the bottom of the bed.

Simple Wooden Storage Base

For storage bed bases, you do not have to have a fancy and expensive looking base. You can have a simple wooden base made and have some storage places added. You can choose to have some drawers or shelves for the storage. This DIY is perfect to use if you are going for a simple and rustic theme.

The cabinet as a Bed Base

To save up on floor space, you can solemnly make the base of your bed as the main storage area. You can do this by making the base out of cabinets, drawers, and shelves altogether. You can add into this DIY by making the storage base as high as you please. You can add in stairs so to be able to get up to the mattress. This is quite a modern and unique base and storage space.

Classy Storage Bedframe

A classy storage bed frame is for you, if you are going for a stylish and chic look, this DIY is for you to try out. Just because you are adding some storage place to your bed doesn’t mean that it needs to be unattractive and out of style. If anything, you need to make your bed look even better, more stylish. You can do this by painting the bed frame with a classy looking color and adding up some beautiful and knobs for the drawers.

One-Sided Storage

You can use this idea if you do not need much storage. It involves only attaching some drawers to one part of your bed frame or base. To make the drawers look even better, you can add some stylish knobs. This means the drawers and knobs could also be used as part of the décor in the room.

Creative and Unique Drawers

Who says that just because you are adding some storage area to your bed frame or base means having some boring styles?! With this DIY, you can do both, have some storage space, and have it look amazing and creative at the same time. It is generally a win-win situation! You can use this DIY in bedrooms for children.

Platform Bed Storage

The platform bed is such an incredible idea! It involves using a full bed frame.  With the storage space on the bottom, you have your drawers, shelves, or mini cabinets. On top of the base beside the mattress, you can also use to keep and place things such as plants, picture frames, lamps, and other decorative objects.

Large Drawers

If you are worried about the drawers on your bed base being small and unable to hold a lot, take a look at this DIY. With this DIY, you can make some large drawers for your bedroom storage. You can the drawers placed on all sides of the base and can be big enough to cover the whole bottom part of the bed.