15 Unique and Creative DIYs for Christmas Trees

15 Unique and Creative DIYs for Christmas Trees: 14. Corner Surprise

14. Corner Surprise

15 Unique and Creative DIYs for Christmas Trees

Who says Christmas trees have to look the same? You can always change things up to suit your liking when it comes to your Christmas trees. Dare to be different and get you a Christmas tree like no other. With the DIYs that you will find here, you will be able to see and try out different ideas for your Christmas tree this year. Now that he Christmas season is here, along comes the need to decorate and get into the Christmas spirit. With these unique trees you will be able to give your home a beautiful Christmas look.

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Rustic Christmas Tree

If you are all about the rustic look then this simple and yet beautiful tree is exactly what you need. It involves building a tree by using some wooden pieces. On the tree, you can stick some holds on which you will be able to place your ornaments. What makes this tree rustic is the simple color that you will use for the tree. You can choose to keep the tree in the natural color of the wood or paint over it with some white wash. The ornament you use will also contribute to rustic look as well.

DIY Pallet Christmas Tree

A wooden pallet can be used to make just about anything. In this case, you can use some wooden pallet to make your Christmas tree. You can choose to cut out the Christmas tree shape from the pallet, to make the Christmas tree shape by sticking the lights direct the pallet to resemble the tree or to paint the Christmas tree shape straight onto the pallet. Any of these can work and achieve the look that you want.

Simple Tree Décor

Simple décor looks quite beautiful at times. For this idea you basically have to decorate your wooden cut out tree in the simplest of ways and yet still manage to make both the tree and the room in which it is placed look beautiful.

Creative Wooden Christmas Tree

This Christmas tree is unique and very creative. You are likely to impress those who will see this tree because of how it is built. This tree is a masterpiece just as it is. It becomes even better when you place your decorating ornament.

Glass Bottle Tree

Imagine being able to get ready for Christmas and recycle at the same time! Well, with this DIY, you will be able to do just that. For this idea, you will need to use some colored glass bottles and some glass table tops. This idea gives you an opportunity to build yourself a beautiful recycled Christmas tree.

Fish Bowl Snowman

This snowman is a must have this Christmas! You can use this at your Christmas party as a place to keep your drinks. It the fish bowls, you can put some ice so to keep the drinks nice and chilled.

DIY Fascinating Tree

If you are looking for a Christmas tree that is eye catching and will have people doing double takes, then this DIY is for you. Looking at this tree is quite mesmerizing and will definitely get people talking. It is a beautiful work of art.

Jenga Themed  Tree

I don’t know about you, but to me, this tree is a definite must have. For the wood, you can choose to have it painted or simply use it in its natural color. You can also get to choose different themes for the decorations.

Sticks and Twigs

When you have creativity flowing in you, you will be able to make a lovely Christmas tree such as this one. It basically involves sticking together different sized sticks and twigs to make a tree. For this, you can paint the sticks with one color so that they look the same.

Artsy Tree with Logs

To make this Christmas tree, you simply need to stick some logs together so that they are joint in their lying form. You can also use some standing logs o make the trunk of the tree. You ca still hang and add some Christmas ornaments to this tree even though on its own, it looks perfect. You can also use this tree for a rustic and simple look

Easy to Build

All it takes to make tis tree is two wooden triangles. You will need one big tringle and the other slightly smaller so it fits inside the bigger one. You can add a branch inside the smaller triangle. The branch is where you will be able to hang your decorations.

A Tree of Memories

Christmas is a time to spend with your loved one. This tree will allow you to commemorate some memories that you have made with your loved ones. By sticking some pictures on the wall in the shape of a Christmas tree, you will be able to achieve that goal. You can use some fairy lights to decorate this tree of memories.

Tree on the Wall

If you do not have space for an actual tree or to place your Christmas tree on the floor, then you can use this DIY. It involves sticking some sticks or pieces of wood to your wall to make a Christmas tree. You can stick your decorating ornaments onto the sticks.

Corner Surprise

This idea can be used as a way of using up the extra garlands. You can stick the garlands onto the outer corner to make a Christmas tree. This is quite simple and creative. And yes, you can add one some Christmas decorations to this tree.

Inner Corner Tree

If you are planning to set a corner aside for your Christmas décor, then you might as well make an inner corner tree. It is an easy to make Christmas tree for you to try out!