15 Wreath Ideas for Summer

15.Green Wreath

15.Green Wreath

15 Wreath Ideas for Summer

Sumer is fast approaching; it is time to change the winter decorations. Are you running out of ideas? Don’t worry, I have collected few interesting wreath ideas which you can work on them yourself and find the true meaning of summer.

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Wreaths are little round band of flowers, leaves, fruits, twigs or any ornamental work. They are perfect decors for the doors, doorways or any decorative purpose.

DIY Dhow Wreath

It is made out of beach inspiration. The sea shells, dhow and burlap tied like a bow tie collectively confines its beauty.

DIY Green Wreath

This is a nice spring décor in front of your door. It can be fully green with or with featured detail of white hydrangeas or other colored flowers. You may also use twiggy or grape vine wreath as the base before adding your top details.

DIY Birdhouse Wreath

It is a very unique way of welcoming your guests to your home with that little birdhouse. It conveys the spirit of togetherness and family hood straight out the door.

DIY Burlap Wreath

Burlaps are known for wreath decorations. They have woody color which easily blends with any other color.

DIY Flower Wreath

There are many gorgeous wreaths made of flower. Flowers are different; the beauty will be different too. Depends, which flower you pick.

DIY Ice-cream Wreath

This wreath is dramatic but very unique. Be carefully, it might put you to ice-cream cravings every time you leave and enter your house.

DIY Fruit Wreath

It is also possible to grace your wreath with fruits. They come out perfect.

Wreaths are not only for home doors, they can also be a great décor idea in parties. They go with anything you decide to accessorize with and they are not complicate to make.