20 Lifesaving DIY Kitchen Hacks

4 Mesh racks

4 Mesh racks

20 Lifesaving DIY Kitchen Hacks

Kitchens get complicated sometimes. Things are messy and disorganized, lids get lost, cutlery disappears and sometimes there just isn’t enough room to store everything, We have compiled 20 lifesaving DIY kitchen hacks to help you save time and money and get a bit of order in your kitchen.

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Pinned up key holders

This idea is great if you usually come home through the kitchen door. Stick these hooks up somewhere in your kitchen and make a habit of placing your keys there.

Book binders to store bottles

Book binders come in multiple sizes and colours, use them in your kitchen to bring about a sense of order especially if you have a lot of bottles that need a home on your shelf.

Rotating plates

Rotating plates are great for helping organize your dishes as all you have to do is pack things neatly on a rotating plate, then spinning them to find what you need. This DIY trick is great if you have a lot of dishes you use frequently.

Mesh racks

Mesh racks bring order into your kitchen and look great.

Stick up cubicles

These are great for the smaller things like coffee packs and spices. Making it easy to locate them.

 Chalkboard paint on a cupboard door

If you need measurements, or have a favourite recipe this idea is great to keep reminding yourself. Spray some chalkboard paint on the inside of a cupboard door.

Pull out spice rack

This spice rack is fantastic, you can place it under a shelf in an easy to reach place and pull it out to use at convenience.

Detachable metal basket

This DIY trick uses command hooks,  hang a metal basket on it with a few cleaning products so you can easily detach it and move around with t to clean.

Paper File Division storage

Office gear works great in the kitchen. Paper file dividers can be used to store baking equipment.

Curtain tension rods

One can use these to divide your storage space accordingly.

Metallic File binder for storage

This idea is great if you have a lot of small box like things to store like foil packs. Stick the file binder to the inside of your cupboard.

Small racks inside shelf

Place small racks in the shelf above your skink to help them fry quicker

Labelled storage containers

If you have a lot of spices or small objects, store them in labelled containers

Pipes as holders

Use pipes to hold up rolls of plastic under the sink.

Hang utensils on kitchenoid hooks

This DIY trick will save you time looking for things and keep odd bits safe.

Organize everything according to size

This way you will know where everything is and you can go to the exact location you need to look plus it looks neat.

Hang oven mitts

Hang oven mitts on command hooks for easy storage

Rack divider for pot lids

Easy storage and convenient.

Command hooks to hang pot lids

Hang up your lids to store them

Notice boards for recipes

Place these on the inside of your cupboards and pin any other notes you need.