8 Cool Organizer Ideas for Headphones

1. Wooden clips

1. Wooden clips

8 Cool Organizer Ideas for Headphones

An earphone holder should help you to keep your earphones clean, neat, tangle free, designed to fit all sizes and styles. I love listening to music all the time and it always pissed me how I had to untangle the earphones every time I picked them from my pocket. I decided to search for DIY ideas from the blogs and asked friends. Here are few easy samples that I would love to share with you for they have been so helpful to me.

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Clip hanger

The normal wooden clips you use to hang your clothes then add a design on it. Get a colorful cello tape, stick it on the sides and roll your earphones around and you are good to go.

Or a different option, you may paint your wooden clip with your favorite color to match your phone or cover color. This is more unique and gives you room to personalize it.



If you use your earphones often and you want them all the time by your side, the easiest and closest way is to clip them with a flexible holder on your phone.

Clip board

To your beautiful board, you may also pin your earphones somewhere open. Easier to see them and they won’t bother you being around you all the time.

Cord Holder

You may also keep our earphones and cables in the pockets, carry it with you anywhere. It is presentable.

Flexible holders

For kids and teens, they might prefer a cartoon holder for their earphones and yes they can also organize theirs in the most preferably way.

Cable Map

Having too many cables? Getting stressed when looking for a particular cable in the mixture of many others? Well, this one might help you. Get them cohered to the wall closer to the table where you always charge your devices. Arrange them in such an order that it won’t confuse you, easier to trace where the wire starts and ends. This is why I call it a cable map.

Rabbit Doll Organizer

It is just the matter of taste. If you’re a dolly person or you want to offer one to your kid, this can be another cool idea. At the end of the day, you have your earphones organized in perfect face you want.

Phone Case

Particular Phone cases have space for your earphones, some don’t. So upgrade your choice while buying cases so you get a good one which won’t crack your phone due to friction between the phone and the earphones.