8 Great DIY Ideas With Industrial Pipes

8 Great DIY Ideas With Industrial Pipes 03

8 Great DIY Ideas With Industrial Pipes

Industrial pipes are becoming more and more common in households. This is because those who have realized how inexpensive they are now exploring new decorative methods and other uses for them around the house. For those vintage lovers who would like to bring an industrial or vintage look to their homes and still keep it looking classy and elegant this is the perfect post for you. There is a lot of different exterior fittings as well as a lot of different sized pipes that make it easy for any DIY lover to use, Have a look.

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This easy to do towel hanger is a beautiful example of how the pipes can be used in the bathrooms. The Wooden base is also cheap and all you need is a screwdriver and screws and anyone can do this!

This multipurpose towel holder also serves as a bathroom an area to put your shower gels and all other essentials, again, These pipes are easy to obtain and the possibilities are endless.

Shower rods always getting broken? Well this industrial pipe since it is made up of strong materials serves as a great towel rod and it will last much longer.

This vintage look is blended with a modern look to give it an elegant design. Using these black pipes and old wood gives it a rustic look yet beautiful and elegant as a table, for anywhere in the home.

This beautiful lamp stand also serves as a beautiful magazine rack and for all you readers who never know where to keep your books, this one is for you .A vintage look, elegant and functional.

The cold winter days can be a drag without firewood, but the firewood clatter makes a house look messy. This easy DIY stand is made by simply assembling the pipes and there you have a neat stacking area for you wood near the fireplace.

This makes for a great working table for both the office or a home. It serves well in a café too for those who are looking to bringing a vintage look to it.


For those of us with small kitchens or no kitchen island, this is a great DIY idea for a place where you can hang your pans and pots and other utensils. I love the vintage look it brings to a home and still retains functionality in the kitchen.