Incredibly Creative Furniture Hacks

10. DIY Dresser to Vanity

10. DIY Dresser to Vanity

Incredibly Creative Furniture Hacks

Believe it or not, the furniture in a room is very important because furniture plays a major part in how a room looks. Whether you prefer a room with a lot of furniture or a room with a limited number of furniture pieces, it all comes down to the way the furniture looks, to make the room look great. Take a look at these amazing and very creative furniture hacks that you can try out for your furniture. With these furniture hacks, you get to see how you can turn your ordinary furniture into incredible and unique pieces of wood by just following a few simple steps.

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Wooden Crib Bed

It might be that your baby has grown and needs to make the big move from the crib to the bed. Well, instead of doing away with the wooden crib, you can simply turn it into a bed! All that will need to happen is to add a ladder to one side of the crib, and make an opening by the side bars for easy access to the bed. This is quite easy and a whole more affordable compared to buying an entirely new bed.

DIY Door Picture Frame

If you feel like a particular room definitely needs a touch of creativity to change it up a little, then you can try out this DIY. It basically involves using a door that has designs that can allow you to easily stick some photograms. To add a little more detail to this creative frame, you can add some glass covers to cover up the photos that you place on the door. It would be best to make sure that you make sure that both the photographs and the glass covers you put on the door are steady and will not fall off the frame.

Paint Over Old Furniture

You will be surprised how much painting over furniture can change the furniture altogether. If you either feel like the color of any particular piece of furniture is not to your satisfaction, you can simply paint over it, instead of disposing of it. It saves you quite a sum compared to buying a new piece of furniture.

Wood Box Feeder

This n absolutely great idea! If you have pets, then you can definitely try this DIY out. You will simply be turning a plain wood box into a stylish pet food storage box. You can paint the box and its lid with some colors that will agree with the rest of the furniture that is in the room that you place the feeder in.

Bedside Drawer to Table

It is amazing how one can easily make an entirely new piece of furniture from old and plain furniture. This table could be just what you need for your home. You can use the table for the kids’ art and crafts. This way, everything they have art related can be stored in the drawer part of the table.

DIY Classy Vintage Table

With a little bit of paint, you can turn the simplest of furniture into some classy and pricey looking furniture. To make this vintage table, you simply need to paint a table with a theme that will definitely bring out the vintage look. You can use some white wash as well so to make the furniture look absolutely lovely.

DIY Furniture Revamp

Who says furniture has to be plain and boring to look at? If you like your furniture to be more on the attractive side, then you can try this DIY out. It simply adding some detail to your furniture to turn it into an entirely new piece of furniture. The detail you can add to plain and boring furniture could be the color, or the entire set up.

Redecorated Furniture

The simplest of changes can change to your furniture can change the entire look of the room. If you are looking to do some color theme change in your home, you can change the color of your furniture, and you will definitely see the difference it will make. This is definitely a simple and quicker way of redecorating a room.

Mixed Furniture Chest of Drawers

To make one super great looking piece of furniture, you can bring a mixture of other pieces of furniture together. To add up some more storage space to a chest of drawers, you can simply use some wooden racks that can serve the purpose you intend them. After adding the wooden racks to the chest of drawers, make sure paint the new furniture in a way that makes it look as though it was originally built that way.

DIY Dresser to Vanity

This DIY is exactly as it sounds! This is definitely taking creativity to a whole new level. By adding a sink basin, some taps and connecting some pipes properly, you can turn your old dresser into an incredible looking vanity. This will definitely impress those who will get to see the vanity!

Shelf Cabinet to Creative Drawers

Instead of using you everyday cabinet, you add a few things to it to make a beautiful cabinet of drawers. To make the creative drawers, you can simply add some baskets or plastic containers to the cabinets. This way, you will store your objects in the baskets, and if the objects are needed, you can simply pull out the basket or container, thus, serving as drawers.

DIY Hooks

If you need some hooks, whether to hang coats by the door, or for the kitchen towels in the kitchen, no matter where you need them, you can use this absolutely lovely and unique DIY. You can use a part of a frame from other pieces of furniture, such as the bed, for this DIY.

DIY Industrial Shelf

This DIY is basically about how you can add value to the furniture you get at a very cheap price. You can add some value to your all meatal fragile looking shelf by changing the shelf bases from metal or plastic, to a wood. This will definitely make the shelf look completely different. This DIY is very easy to follow through.

Drawers to Chair

If you are looking to be the only one around with outstanding furniture, then you can try this out. Instead of throwing out an old chest of drawers, you can turn it into a lovely and comfy chair. You can use the drawers to make some sitting stools to go with the chair. Add some cushions to this mix and get yourself a beautiful and unique set of chairs and stools.

DIY Comfortable Chair

I love to get comfortable, with a good book and a hot cup of tea. My level of comfortability definitely also depends on where or what I am sitting on. If you are like me, then this DIY is a must try for you. The chair is not only comfortable, but it allows you to keep somethings in the drawer in the bottom. This way, you have easy access to what you need when you are sitting on the chair.

DIY Desk to Night Stands

If you have a desk that you want to do away with, this is the perfect way to do so. This DIY allows you to get rid of the desk and gain two new night stands. Not much is needed to be done to make change the desk into lovely night stands.

Easy Furniture Makeover

You may have some furniture that you want to turn from being too extravagant to be simple, or, from plain to extravagant. You can simply give the furniture a makeover into what you want it to be. The makeover could involve changing the simplest of detail to make a big difference, whether it is changing the color of the furniture, or adding some patterns and designs to it.

DIY Dresser to Bench

The great part about this bench is that it allows you to store some things that you might need when sitting on the bench. For example, you can store in the bottom drawers a blanket, some extra cushions, or even some books if you are a reader.

DIY Bookshelf

If you are the reader, then you can try this DIY out. It is basically using a part of an old cabinet and turning it into a new and beautiful bookshelf with some extra detail. This is quite simple and affordable to make.